A weekly, hourlong, live radio show broadcast on WLUW 88.7 Chicago from 2003–2006. As a co-producer, I also performed, wrote, and did some field recording, while assisting John Wanzel and Philip von Zweck and a group of others as a rotating schedule of soundscapes, games, radio plays, and other experimental events were broadcast live from the Loyola University studios on Sunday nights.

Philip von Zweck and I having a long-term, ongoing call-and-response through images coming from our cameras. [The word 'tingo' is apparently from the Pascuense language of Easter Island, roughly meaning "to borrow objects from a friend's house, one by one, until there's nothing left".]
Hannah Walsh and I working through some ideas.

In summer of 2015, an intervention by Anthony Elms, Philip von Zweck, and myself - using words written by Sam Melville - was published in the Belgian newspaper De Standaard as part of A Revolution A Day. Made possible by the efforts of Lorenzo Benedetti, Patrick Ronse, Hilde Teerlinck, and Philip Van den Bossche. Just got the image and info now, so a bit of a delay in this News Bulletin.