New woodcut in the works.

May 2023

In the sketches stage, a large CNC-cut woodblock, facilitated – with many thanks! – by Philip von Zweck.

[If anyone is driving from Chicago to Los Angeles and wants to bring a large woodblock to me, let me know.]

Packed up the shed.

March 2022

In early March, I closed up the workspace I'd kept for just about 10 years in eastern Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Free from feet of snow.

February 2020

A publication – a long time in the making – drops as a book in March 2020.
Brought into being with help from Sonia Yoon in the design and project management departments, and several other masters in the critical and editorial arenas. Description below.
– – –
The group of page-length docs collected here tease together what is usually seen as non-fiction (journalism, technical writing) and a more interior voice (prose, travel writing) by pushing around the language of those familiar forms – and by playing with the boundaries between those different authorities – not to alter the truth or to make up an alternative set of facts, but to reassess what is meant by 'information'.


Switzerland Netherlands Crete Italy

(Midsummer 2019).

Athens, Greece.

(Winter 2018)

Mexico City

(Winter 2017)

Text for Copying for Philip for Philadelphia

At Pilot Projects in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Philip von Zweck has mounted a solo show to which I have made a very small contribution, in the form of a to-be-endlessly-photocopied text work of Terms, under the banner of his recurring work A Project By Philip von Zweck. For this project, he receives works from artists before the event, that are then photocopied at the request of anyone who may stop by and given away, free.

Miami Beach Sky Text

Around noon tomorrow – Friday December 2, 2016 – I'll have a few words pulled along by a plane far above, visible from South Beach Miami, Florida.

Belgian Paper

In summer of 2015, an intervention by Anthony Elms, Philip von Zweck, and myself - using words written by Sam Melville - was published in the Belgian newspaper De Standaard as part of A Revolution A Day. Made possible by the efforts of Lorenzo Benedetti, Patrick Ronse, Hilde Teerlinck, and Philip Van den Bossche. Just got the image and info now, so a bit of a delay in this News Bulletin.


(Midsummer 2016)

Hong Kong

(Spring 2016)


(Early Winter 2015)

Sound, John, Me, and a Yeti

Freshly plucked from the digital realm, here's "part one of an unending series" from John Wanzel - his new project How To Kill A Yeti. 

From John:
"This week on the program- writers block, excel, and drawing a link between Atari and using drones in battle – a fictional conversation ...featuring field recordings, singing, digital signal processing and the voice talents of Brian Taylor and John Wanzel..."
Get ready.

Made At Work 2

I have a text piece for the following show, comin' up in Chicago!
From Philip's press release:
D Gallery Presents:
Made At Work 2
in the office of Threewalls
Artists include:
Holly Cahill, Greg Cook, Jacob C. Hammes, Kevin Jennings, Andy Moore, Will Staples, Shannon Stratton, Brian Taylor, Olivia Swider, and Erik Wenzel

Red Neon Dot

One of my neon dots - a red one - will be installed in the window of MS BARBERS, a new little joint on Adams Boulevard in Los Angeles, as of August 2015 as a long-term installation. Not sure what 'long-term' will end up meaning, but I'm excited.

The inaugural event-night is August 1, and it's on the south side of Adams Boulevard, near Burnside. 

Outdoor Moldmaking / Ringing Rocks in Pennsylvania / the Past

(May 2015)

The next mold for the carillon - and the second Ringing-Rock-Mold - made in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania, in Bucks County, just over the Delaware. The rubber mold, and some sound recordings, made on a quick field outing with John Wanzel setting out from Harlem on a balmy Wednesday in May. Then a couple bitter beers at the Ship Inn with John Wanzel; a very Colonial American day (but with none of the attendant Horrors).

Atlantis, Richmond, Virginia, United States

Two new pieces in a group show in Atlantis, opening this Friday . . .


A group show in Santa Barbara, California, organized by Robert Wechsler. Here's a snippet from his press release:

" ...pleased to announce the opening of AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED, a show I've curated for the College of Creative Studies Gallery, UC Santa Barbara. February 4 – March 13 with a reception February 11 honoring the artists from 5:00 until 7:00 PM
 The show features works by James Anderson, Sarah Awad, Craig Drennen, Victoria Fu, Gregory Michael Hernandez, Anton Lieberman, Katja Mater, Anne McGuire, Yi Sheng, Brian Taylor, and Ariane Vielmetter.
Our show title, AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED, is about the importance of practice; the value of trial and error, and the role of failure in the service of eventual success. The title reflects the reality of a professional studio artist, where success is the result of dogged persistence.

The College of Creative Studies stands on the corner of Ucen Road and Channel Islands Road on the UCSB campus. Ordinary gallery hours are 10 – 5, M-F, weekends by appointment. "

Los Angeles Book Fair

At the LA Book Fair very soon, I'll have a print at the Projekt Papier table ... 

Printed Matter's LA ART BOOK FAIR 2015
January 30 - February 1 
(preview January 29, 6-9pm)
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 N. Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90012


September 2014

One week drive to Montana to make a mold outdoors, shoot some film, record some sound, and hammer out some copper. In and around Butte and at the Ringing Rocks there.

- - -

UPDATE  October 6:
Just got back to California, after 3,524.3 mile drive in a sort-of circle in the CRV... sifting through the work from 9/27 to 10/6 – a polyurethane mold of a lithophonic rock, recorded sound, Super-8mm film, 35mm still film, digital images and a copper gong.


A Risograph machine is like a photocopier, if it was somehow crossed with a little bit of an offset printing process. It's not heat transferred toner, but rather 'real ink' that is pushed through a master screen that's been temporarily heat-spotted with tiny voids through which the ink will be pressed. So maybe a little screenprinting feel to it as well.
I just made an edition at James Anderson's shop on his Riso machine, of a 'score' for a sound field/performance/fantasy. It'll be shown with a group of other people's prints sometime in September.

Full Half Dome

Just hiked up to the summit of Half Dome, in Yosemite National Park. On Thursday the 12th, Kari Reardon, Clint Campbell, Yi Sheng and I strode out to tackle it, 4,800-foot gain, 16-ish miles, cables and all, and though Yi turned back for other adventures after Little Yosemite Valley, Kari, Clint, and I made it to the top, where we were nearly tricked by a marmot into giving up our summer sausage, beer, apples, cheese and plantain chips. Joined by Ricardo the Dutchman, then Success! 12 hours and 6 minutes. back down to the Valley floor. Made a quick wax press mold up at the dome-top,  of the white granite, using the red wax covering from those little babybel cheeses, soon to be cast in tin.


The Ides of March in Chinatown

I will have two pieces in a basement in Chinatown, Los Angeles, a group show (curated by Katrina Umber) called REDS at Charlie James Gallery.

March 15 - April 26 2014
Opens 7-10 pm on The Ides of March

Southwestern, part II: October/The Field

Coming up in a few days:

The second Southwest jaunt looking around at some Earth/Land works (of different kinds):

Through CA-AZ-NM with Yi -- San Diego Zoo, the Mojave Desert, and Walter de Maria's The Lightning Field.

Southwestern, part I: Utah/September/Lake

Counterclockwise around The Great Salt Lake, the sound of the Organ at the Mormon Tabernacle, Smithson's Jetty, Holt's Tunnels, CLUI in Wendover, the Bonneville Salt Flats, a cowboy bar and a copper mine, and chasing after elk in the Wasatch Mountains. Collecting Sounds and Images for a Western.

2012 #4: The Nor'Easter Experience: Provincetown/Hornell


A meeting in Provincetown, Massachusetts, featuring Hannah Walsh, Nick des Cognets, Ian McMahon, Taylor Baldwin, and the fierce Atlantic. And an old church belfry in Hornell, NY.

Writing for Chicago

Just finished a piece of text, called WINDFUCKER, to be included as part of a printed broadside-paper sort of thing within Philip von Zweck's show in Chicago at 65 Grand. Opens this Friday

Contributions to/in the Abstract Realm

I've contributed to a group-residency-project-affair in response to my great friend Heather Mekkelson, who solicited a quick something from me, which in turn was solicited from know how these things work. My contribution involves abstraction and Glenn Gould. Hers involves an asteroid and maybe the apocalypse. Below is an excerpt from the way Heather phrases it in an email update of her own:

In the near future, an online piece I developed for my friends Trevor and Rachel Reese of Possible Projects (formerly Philadelphia-based, currently Atlanta-based) will be appearing as part of their "residency" at this address:

Note: my piece ended up being a truncated a little. You can't zoom-in to it. But it's there. Sort of.

2012 #3 : Rocks and Ice and Fire


A trip to Iceland, in late June, for a week or so with my dad. I'm thinking it'll be some cross between a father/son made-for-tv movie and a travel show with more political disagreements and 'negotiating' about who's gonna drive. Also, some glacier hiking with a sound recorder'll be in there somewhere.

2012 #2 : A few hours North


A drive to San Francisco to meet up with Philip and Andreas, and location-scouting for a project later this year.

2012 #1 : The "Middle-East"


Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey. With Ben Jurgensen, Ian McMahon, Ali Miharbi.

Still Life in Chicago

(From the press release)

D Gallery presents its inaugural exhibition:

Still Life

Exhibiting artists:
Academy Records, James Barry , The Bengala, Anthony Elms, Industry of the Ordinary, Chris Hammes. Kevin Jennings, Chris Kerr, Scott Speh, Brian Taylor